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Elder Daniel Blanchard

Mision El Salvador Santa Ana

Apartado Postal #142

Santa Ana, El Salvador, C.A.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Week 30 (Nopal)

Hey this week was another good one. The Hermano S..... came to church again this week. When we asked him if he was going to come he said, nothing can stop me from coming, nothing is going to knock me off this path, and then he showed up an hour early to church all ready, and we didn’t even have to pass by for him. 

He liked it a lot and participates a lot. The only problem is we have another situation with a crazy wife. They aren’t married and she refuses to get married. 

Saturday morning we did some more service and were talking with her and she was joking with us and super nice, and then last night we went by to talk with S....., and she came and started bawling saying how she doesn’t want us to come over anymore and a bunch of other stuff. Then S..... came out and we just sat out in the dirt talking in the dark, because he doesn’t have lights. 

They are super poor and their house is a couple of logs coming out of the ground with black garbage bags nailed to the poles. He believes she is possessed by a demon. I just think she is bipolar or something. So this will be a challenge because he can’t get baptized if he continues to live with her without getting married.   

We have a couple more people who are progressing. We have a baptism next week so hopefully everything works out, because it’s the guy who works in San Salvador during the week so is only home during the weekends. So pray for R..... if you can so he can be baptized on the 18th.

Everything is still going good, we met a couple really interesting people this week. We had a lot of rejections that were really funny. There’s one guy in the area that you knock on his door, he opens it sees us and just says a bad word and closes the door. Also I have been helping the stake president in his school cause he teaches English so I have been doing the oral tests, and that is really fun.

Everything is going good though, a couple other things happened but I just ran out of time to write.

Hope everything is going good.

Love elder Blanchard

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