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Elder Daniel Blanchard

Mision El Salvador Santa Ana

Apartado Postal #142

Santa Ana, El Salvador, C.A.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Week 31 (Nopal)

Hey so this week was alright. This week the Zone was sucking it up. There was only five dates in all of the zone. And we had two of them. We had interviews planned for Tuesday and so President had us have a zone conference and he macheted the zone. 

Our district then said we would put seven dates this week for the 25th. And it looked like we were going to do it and then Sunday came and none of the people came to church. So that was disappointing. And since I’m the district leader, it’s my responsibility. Which is one of the bad things about being it. So hopefully this week is a lot better.

Me and my comp almost put two more dates this week, but in the last second an emergency came up and she and her son couldn’t come to church. And without coming to church it’s not a real date. So this week we will hopefully put a lot of dates for baptism.

Interviews were really good too.  Also something cool that happened is that our investigator that was supposed to come to church saw a miracle with the Book of Mormon. She has a husband who works a ton. She only sees him like every 3 months for like 2 days, if that. And now he just got a job for 10 years in Costa Rica.  So he was there yesterday looking for his passport. And he saw her Book of Mormon and sat down to read a little bit of it. This guy hates religion. He is like the .1% of people in El Salvador that hate religion. And then he asked her what was something he could read real fast, and she she told him the chapter we left her a while back in Ether 12, and she said she was watching him read it and he started to weep. He wanted to take it with him, but then he forgot it. But it was really cool to here that. 

Also last week we went to eat in a place called Ataco which is like the Park City of El Salvador. We went to a restaurant called Raclette. We got the raclette.It was so good. But so expensive. But it’s really cool up there and pretty. 

Then we went to a place called Apaneca which is even further up in the mountains. It seemed a lot like Switzerland because of the overcast and mist and there were a bunch of rich people. Every p-day we play soccer. I love p-days now because we just hang out with the zone leaders.

Hope everything is good at home.

Love Elder Blanchard

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