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Elder Daniel Blanchard

Mision El Salvador Santa Ana

Apartado Postal #142

Santa Ana, El Salvador, C.A.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Week 39 (Nopal)

He guys I hope everything is going good. This is going to be a short email cause nothing much happened and I don’t have much time. Also I don’t have pictures because I am still trying to figure everything out. I can save them. Some member has a program. The only thing is it will take 12 hours. So for the moment I am looking to see if there is a cyber here that will do it for cheap. So for the moment I can’t take more pictures. 

Um we found a lot of new people who can progress. Right now the zone is still doing really bad. We only had 4 baptisms as a zone. last month we had 3. That’s not good. And we had changed today.

Basically no one in the zone had changes. Which I was kind of hoping for a new comp. Right now its super hard because the church is this country is really struggling. The members have become like the church in Alma chapter 4. So we are going to try to help the members repent because in this moment, for this ward, the used to have 150 plus is assistance and no only 90. 

All the recent converts are already inactive but one. The ward doesn’t visit them. Neither do they visit each other. And it is literally a stumbling block for the nonmembers. So many people we have met this week have talked about how they don’t want anything to do with our church because they know who the members are. It seems to be like this in most of the country.  It’s difficult to see, and is hard because the members play such a big role. So hopefully we can help them repent.

We do however have people that I feel like can progress. Hopefully things go good. Also we are planning to call on Sunday the 14th. Tell me a good time you want to talk so we can start planning things.

Also in other news. I had to go to Tacuba again. They had another person that I needed to interview for baptism. They had three this Friday. 3 of the 4 in the zone. So yeah.
I know it’s hard but it’s worth it. I am always grateful for the trials because I know that’s the way people grow. And the way we can reach perfection. It’s always so much easier to deal with hard things when you learn to thank god for the trials instead of asking why me. 

This last week someone told me that no one knows God or knows what he is like. I realized that that is completely false. In conference General Russel M. Nelson gave a challenge to study everything about Jesus in the topical guide. In doing this, I realized I know who he is. I have a relationship with me. I can tell you exactly what he is like. I know his characteristics. The father and the son are real. I could point them out to someone in a crowd of people. And in that moment it became a lot more real for me. Study the life of Jesus and learn about him. That’s how you will get to know him. 

I hope everything thing is going good at home.

Love Elder Blanchard

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