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Elder Daniel Blanchard

Mision El Salvador Santa Ana

Apartado Postal #142

Santa Ana, El Salvador, C.A.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Week 42 (Nopal)

So this week was pretty good. First off remember when I told you about the people I was impressed to revisit and who went to church last week. Well this week he brought the family of 7 to the church 5 are of the age of baptism. This week he also went to the priesthood camp out as well. He is doing really well and he likes the church a lot. He gets along well with all the men in the ward and he asks us about baptism quite a bit. 

There’s only one problem.. and it’s the same problem as in the past. That’s right, the law of chastity. They need to get married first. And what a surprise, they wife is a bit hesitant to get married and wants to wait a little. So if you can pray to soften her heart that would be great. She is the crazy one who invited me and my old comp to church that one time.

But this week was great because we brought 6 investigators to church, the 5 of age of baptism from that family and another investigator who is the one of the "founders" of the church in this country. Which means about 45 years ago he and his brother assisted when the church started here, but they assisted for 5 years but never got baptized, and then the war started and after that they didn’t return. 

The one who came to church doesn’t want to get baptized, the other one is a little bit open to get baptized but wants to learn more and assist for a time before.

Also something funny that happened this week is we started visiting a family that got baptized a year ago but never went. Basically they only got baptized because the missionaries bought them stuff, and payed for the wedding and payed for moto taxis to bring them to church so they didn’t have to walk. Which is the reason they went inactive the week after their baptism, but that is another story. 

Well we were teaching them trying to help them come back to church but in this lesson we were teaching the wife, she is 67 years old and in the middle of the lesson she just randomly told us about a dream she had a couple years back. 

She said," I had a dream where I saw in the sky in the east something really beautiful, it was a white table with a white table cloth that was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, there were on the table three flowers. Around the table were three people and  realized it was God the father, Jesus Christ and The Holy Ghost. Embroider in the table cloth were some words that said this, Come to me. I woke up and thought about the dream for a little bit, and I told my husband about it, and told him... Honey we need to buy this table"  And then she continued to tell us about over the years she has always thought about the dream and how she has always wanted to buy the table and have her husband make it for her. 

After the lesson we were dying of laughter and it just goes to show, that we can be so blinded when all we do is focus on the material things of the world.

Things are improving here hopefully us help the family get married. If they don’t get baptized with us though it will for sure be with other missionaries. I’m just grateful I wrote down the impression when I had it to go contact them. It goes to show that you can contact the same house a couple of times, but if you don’t contact it at the right time then that can change everything, Because I had contacted them two times  already and didn’t want to return because the wife was super into her old church. 

But when I got the impression and went again we found the husband, and now all seven of the family go to church. 

Always follow the impressions even if they are small, and write them down too so you don’t forget to follow them

Elder Blanchard

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