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Elder Daniel Blanchard

Mision El Salvador Santa Ana

Apartado Postal #142

Santa Ana, El Salvador, C.A.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Week 26 (Campestre, Atiquizaya)

Well this week was super interesting. It started off really good and then Thursday happened. I don’t really know what happened but now my comp wants to kill me haha. Ever since Thursday morning he’s been angry. I think he is Bipolar. He wants to break my face and is counting down the days for a new comp haha. 

I am a professional sewer

Thursday he was mad because he was tired and didn’t want to work. Friday he was mad because I kept correcting him because he started breaking like every rule. He slept in, he slept during personal study. Saturday he was super mad in the morning cause I kept correcting him because he slept in again, and barely studied. But then calmed down during the day. 

Sunday he was mad because, well I’m not really sure why. He woke up fine and we went to church and he was happy and he loved me again. And then the person who was supposed to give us lunch said they couldn’t and since we lived on 80 cents this week we basically had no food. My comp wanted to ask the bishops wife to give us food but I didn’t want to because we were in a hurry and her food sucks. So I said let’s just eat at home we have sufficient food. After that he was mad the whole day. Like full anger.

I made papusa's this week.

Cooking the papusa. The thing that I'm pointing to is a papusas that I made. Apparently they are super hard to make but it was a lot easier than making tortillas.
They were all surprised with how well my papusas turned out. ​first you get the masa (left hand) and you get a scoop of some kind of cheese mixture (right hand) and you fill it and make it into a ball, then you flatten the ball.

Enjoying the papusas. You usually eat papusas with a tomato sause they make here that is really good and is similar to marinara sauce but they didn't have any. Also this night my comp was refusing to talk to me, that's why he looks like hes faking the smile.
This week we had a lot of weird things happen. To keep things short I will just pass over the stories shortly. First off we had two separate super old ladies call us to repentance this week. One of them because we tried giving her a pass-along card, the other we were just passing in the street and we just said good afternoon.   

Something else that happened is we found a family that is kind of crazy. Their last name is C........ Their two sons who are about 25 were both baptized. One went inactive about 3 years ago because he got mugged and they cut the tip of his ear off and now he is ashamed to go anywhere because he is embarrassed with how it looks. The other son is legit crazy. Some years ago he started playing with things of the devil and since then he hasn’t been normal. 

For example he brought home a baby deer in his backpack that day. He works in San Salvador which is about a two hour bus ride from us. Then he kept trying to get me to transfer energy to him. He kept talking about an angel and that he couldn’t go to church because the bishop doesn’t want him there and tried to kick him out. Then he kept telling us to look at things and people that weren’t there. I felt super bad though because this family was extremely poor. Their house was the size of a room and it was just tin walls leaned against each other. They don’t have any lights. Their kitchen is a table they have outside. 

The normal son with the ear problem was telling me how we wanted to change his life. How he wanted to help his family. He was talking about how he felt so good after his baptism and he just wanted to feel the same way again. We told him we were going to pick him up on our way to church so he could feel that way and he got super excited. Then on Sunday morning when we passed by he didn’t want to come because he didn’t feel like going. I was super sad but we are going to keep trying to help him and hopefully baptize the parents. 

We also had a drunk guy sobbing to us about how he wanted to change his life and how no one loves him. He was baptized a while ago apparently. I felt super bad and told him to come to church and gave him some cards with Jesus picture and wrote on the back of the card to call us when he was sober. It was funny because he asked us why we think he drinks, and we thought he was going to tell some super long sad story but then he thought a moment and said, porque me gusta. Me and my comp started laughing because it was just super straightforward and he was super serious. 

Also we had a couple more experiences with crazy drunk people. All of the bolos here are my friends though haha they all think they can speak English so they always talk to me.
Um also we had changes in the mission. We had a broadcast with the missionary council and we have changes in the schedule and the key indicators. Now planning is in the morning which is nice because when we get back to our house we can just go to bed instead of planning.

The work is slow right now. We just dropped a bunch of our investigators because they weren’t progressing. The old woman that fought with our DL told us straight up that she wasn’t reading the Book of Mormon because she wasn’t going to leave her religion. And if that means she’s going to hell she doesn’t care. We found a couple new people this week though who  I think can progress.

I have been using the USB you sent me a on. I bought a little speaker and have been listening to a ton of talks. Every week when we go to write I download more talks. I have a ton of Bruce R. McKonkie, Spencer W. Kimball and Gordon B. Hinckley which are really good. I think they are my favorite speakers now. Also Gene R. Cook has a lot of really good BYU devotionals. 

Yeah I'm just super happy that transfers are this next week.

Hope you guys have a good week.

Love Elder Blanchard

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