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Elder Daniel Blanchard

Mision El Salvador Santa Ana

Apartado Postal #142

Santa Ana, El Salvador, C.A.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 10 (Campestre, Atiquizaya)

This week was a really good one because I had my first baptism. The baptism service was great and she seemed really happy. I think it was really amazing because she bore her testimony there and in church yesterday. There’s just something amazing about seeing your investigators life change. She also expressed desires to serve a mission. 

After that we played soccer because a lot of the members came and supported her. And we had pupusas, I learned how to make them and that was really cool. Now we are just working on her family but it is hard cause her mom works on Sunday, with an evangelico, which basically means she hates the church and us. So she’s been telling the mom a lot of lies about us.  After the baptism we realized we didn’t have very much prospective investigators after that. We have been praying really hard to get new investigators but it seems like no one wants to listen to us. The members aren’t helping very much and it seems like the whole ward is struggling because attendance is getting low.

We have been blessed with a couple new ones though, one is the younger brother of a married couple member. He seems really positive and we had a good lesson with him yesterday. Also we have a couple who the husband is an inactive member for about 6 years, and his wife is catholic. He has said that every time missionaries come over he feels the spirit really strong. We just have to work on his wife, but she seems to be doing good. We also have a referral and we are going to contact her this Wednesday with the member who gave her to us. Yes she is another teenage girl haha.

I’m glad to hear everything is going good at home. I heard a lot about how amazing the funeral was from a lot of people. 

Everyone told me about how peaceful it was and how amazing the talks were. It’s cool to see all the support though.

We had changes last week and there were no changes for our district, the next one is in 6 weeks. It’s crazy how time is flying though.

Nothing else that exciting happened though this week. Oh we think an Apostle is coming to El Salvador to speak so that should be good.

Also food update. The bishop’s wife is cooking for us now. This week I had spaghetti, with fish sauce. It has got to be one of the foulest things I have ever tried to eat. Luckily I was sick that day with gripe or allergies, so my nose was really runny, which sucked because I didn’t smell fish before I ate, so I was super excited for spaghetti until I took a bite. But I used the excuse that I was super sick that day and wasn’t hungry, because I looked like I felt like crap. Which I kind of did. Today we are going to tell her we hate fish.  Also something else I hate is soup. It is so hot here and nothing is worse than hot soup for lunch. Which they love soup here.

Hope everything is going well.

Love Elder Blanchard

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