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Elder Daniel Blanchard

Mision El Salvador Santa Ana

Apartado Postal #142

Santa Ana, El Salvador, C.A.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Week 48 (Los Naranjos)

Hey sorry for not writing last week. What happened was all the last week I felt a little sick, drained of energy with a headache but thought nothing of it and kept working.  Then Monday morning I woke up feeling a little bit more sick in my stomach, and then on the bus I almost threw up.  

But then we played soccer and felt fine, then we started writing. I opened all the emails and read all of them and then began to respond to them, but that’s when I started getting a really big headache and stomach ache. Like I couldn’t concentrate and was making a lot of typing errors (more than usual) but I couldn’t correct them cause it hurt my head so much the read the screen. 

After responding to two emails I decided to take a break.(I just barely read the two emails I sent and they didn’t even make sense) well I went and laid down outside of the family search center where we right, and got even worse, I started getting a fever, and then went to the bathroom and puked.  I was dying, I waited a little bit longer and got even worse, I felt super cold so I went outside and laid in the grass, and then we had to go because the bus was going to leave and there’s only a bus every two hours to our area, so I went inside, puked again, and went home, and slept the rest of the day and ended up not leaving to work in the evening.  The next day I still felt pretty sick but we went out and worked anyway. I feel a lot better now though.

Alright. Well what happened last week was basically a lot of being wet and getting lost haha. But we have been working hard and right now we have 3 people preparing for baptism and we are going to have a fourth this week.  It’s really cool because this area hasn’t baptized for about a year.  My comp's a little bit of a struggle. He arrived in the mission on Saturday. He served 6 months in Honduras but got sick and was home for a year. He is very shy, and does not talk at all except in teaching. At this point I don’t care, I’m fine doing all the work.

Yeah new mission president. It was sad saying goodbye to the old one, although I had a funny last experience with him. With what happened is 2 weeks ago we had our last multi-zona conference and he just reminded of us of stuff we need to do and gave us some reminders. One of the things he mentioned was if we get home in the night and our phone doesn’t work or we lose it we need to leave the house and find a member to call someone to let them know you got home safely or president will come to our house to check on us. 

Well this Tuesday I was on interchanges in my area with the ZL and we got home and I tried calling my district but my phone wasn’t working. I thought it was because it didn’t have much charge, so I put it in to charge and started washing my clothes. At 10:20 I tried calling again, and it wasn’t working. So we start freaking out cause it is raining really hard, and so we have to leave at like 10:30 to find a member, which there aren’t very many cause we live basically in the mountains. 

Well we leave the house in flip flops and shorts with umbrellas to go to the first house and they don’t hear us screaming cause the rain is so hard, so we go to the next closest and nothing. Finally at like 11:20 we find a member who is awake and we call president like 5 times but he doesn’t answer, so we call the other ZL to call president and tell him what happened, well we start walking back to the house well as we almost get there we hear a car screeching and going super fast and we look behind us down a hill and see president haha.  We then explained what happened and he just laughed. He left the mission the next day,

Also this week we served in a coffee field on the side of a mountain doing the hardest thing I’ve ever done. We basically hauled coffee plants on our back like half a mile up the mountain like 5 times, carrying like 80 pounds of coffee plants and dirt on our backs, we forgot to actually take pictures of us carrying the coffee but we are going to do it again this week.

Love Elder Blanchard

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