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Elder Daniel Blanchard

Mision El Salvador Santa Ana

Apartado Postal #142

Santa Ana, El Salvador, C.A.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Week 44 (Nopal)

That sounds nice with all the yard work you guys are doing back home, it makes me really sad that I am not able to be there and help you guys. Although over here I am struggling to keep our house clean. You know it’s bad when I am the clean one. And remember how I said that President fined us 10 bucks for having a dirty house and it being a "disaster", well this week the senior missionaries came and inspected our house.. and we received another fine wasn’t even that dirty, but we will be cleaning a lot today. 

This week was another pretty good week. We are seeing a lot of progression in the family of 7. The wife has changed completely and its really a miracle of how much she’s changed. We hope that this week they can accept to be married. Other than them we have a bunch of people who are so close to accepting to be baptized and have changed a lot. 

Family of seven we are teaching.

Although I’m pretty sure this will be my last week in the area cause changes are next week. Basically the people who come next in this area will be baptizing like crazy. But I don’t care who baptizes these people, I just want them to get baptized, just requires a little bit of patience.

Also this week I got bit by a German Shepard. We were in the house  of a recent convert which is more of a shack, and we got there and it was raining so I had my umbrella, I set it on the ground and he has three dogs chained up outside and they are dogs that he takes to go hunting, and he has a German Shepard that is like the scariest dog I have ever seen, it has like a scar over one of his eyes and is always barking like he wants to kill us. 

Well we went and they had reorganized there shack and that means the place where the dogs were chained. Well the little ones started playing with my umbrella so I went outside to get it and then the big dog came out of nowhere and bit my leg, luckily it didn’t have enough chain to reach me completely and so only my pants ripped and only left a small bruise. Luckily it didn’t break skin. But it scared me so bad haha, we needed to go home and change my pants after haha just kidding...or am I. 

This guy attacked us in a house. apparently these things attack humans like a vampire bat from the movies, and if it bites you.. rabies

But yeah this week will hopefully be really good.

Have a good one.

Love Elder Blanchard

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