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Elder Daniel Blanchard

Mision El Salvador Santa Ana

Apartado Postal #142

Santa Ana, El Salvador, C.A.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Week 36 (Nopal)

We have one person that is so close to accepting a date to be baptized. She loves the church, her partner died 15 years ago so the law of chastity doesn’t apply. She wants to be baptized but the problem is when. She was supposed to get baptized in January, but then left to San Salvador to work for 2 months, and just barely got back. 

She told us she was going to get baptized but what happened is that the wall of her house is basically falling down on her and someone told her the bishop could give her money to buy materials, but when she went and talked to him he said no, and she said that that made her feel sad and disappointed so she wanted to wait a little to be baptized, and to not pressure her to be baptized.
Hopefully we can help her feel the desire so we can at least put a date with her. Other than that we are having trouble finding people once again.

Um this week we went to go play soccer in the morning and my comp set the keys in the grass because he is not very smart. So we lost the keys. My comp literally has the curse from the book of Ether where they lose everything they set down. Since he has come here he has lost his camera, his USB, our keys and his yogurt and cheese. Yes he literally lost a bucket of yogurt and a bag of shredded cheese. Don’t ask me how, it literally just disappeared. He was the most upset about losing the yogurt.

Other than that nothing exciting or interesting is happening. Just trying to work to find these new people. We have been seeing some miracles within the district which is pretty cool, with finding people who already want to be baptized and already believe in the Book of Mormon and in Joseph Smith, and even that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet. And that was their first lesson with him. 

This week we heard about a girl who wants to go to church with us. She is the daughter of the brother of our ward mission leader. The brother came to the baptism of the mom of the two(the 92 year old lady) and he really liked it and wants to be taught us he lives in another area but is pretty close. We sent the missionaries of that area to him but he wants to be taught by us. He is going to come this week and bring the daughter, who lives in our area, and hopefully we see a miracle with these two people.

Everything is going good though.


Elder Blanchard

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