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Elder Daniel Blanchard

Mision El Salvador Santa Ana

Apartado Postal #142

Santa Ana, El Salvador, C.A.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 6 (Campestre, Atiquizaya)

The family I read English for is K…. We keep having trouble finding times when she is home so we have only had two lessons. The food is amazing here, and the members in this area feed us like crazy. I am always full. But if there ever is a time that we don’t get fed we just go to a pupusaria where a pupusa costs a quarter. Yeah we have been doing a lot of looking for investigators because we are opening the area. And before us were sisters, and they didn’t have any investigators.

Although this week we went out with the ward mission leader. He is the weirdest guy haha. He bore his testimony in church saying that he had a testimony that Russel M. Nielson was a prophet.  And in class he had an argument with another guy about the right way to pass the sacrament. With the hand by the side or behind the back haha. But so we went out with him, and I guess he knows a lot of people in the colony, and we got like 4 new investigators, and two dates for baptism. The dates for baptism are a mom and her daughter, both named S…... They were supposed to come to church, but there aunt came and need their help in the city. They are coming next week.

The language is getting easier to understand but there are still some people who I can’t understand at all. No we haven’t been able to find another house. We might move in with the other two missionaries in our area.
Today we played soccer with the zone. It was super fun, but the shoes destroyed my feet. My team won the most games though so it was worth it.

The rain here is crazy. After the first week, it rained every day since then but two days. I have some pictures of the roads. They are rivers.

I love when it rains though. But last Pday after I wrote, when we started working at like 6:30 it started pouring, and no one would let us in the whole night. So we were drenched, I was wearing my boots at my feet were drenched. But luckily here I t doesn’t get that cold even though it was night. It gets dark at 6:30 here. But yeah I use my backpack every day, not my side bag. But on this day it even got a little water in it even though it is water proof and I sprayed it with waterproof spray. That’s how wet we were.

It’s crazy how time is flying by.

I had to give a talk in church today. All the missionaries spoke on missionary work and we macheted  the people, which is missionary terminology for chastising. But the members are super friendly, but they just want to be friends but not do work, so we all gave talks on why they need to help. It sucked cause I had to read my talk but it was still alright.

We should be having a lot of  investigators coming with us to church this Sunday though. Including the guy who can’t walk and his wife, G….., S……, and the V……… family. All of them wanted to come this week, but had things going on.

Other than that everything is going good here.

Love Elder Blanchard

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